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"Agatha Crusty & The Health Spa Murders" by Derek Webb

Scheduled Performances:

29.03., 30.03., 31.03., 04.04., 05.04., 06.04.2019 

Kulturforum am Hafen, Buxtehude 


Crime novelist and amateur detective Agatha Crusty decides that a spell at a health spa is just what she needs to recharge her batteries and give her inspiration for her latest book. There she meets the other participants of the health spa weekend: 5 ladies who are there as a work reward for being the highest sales achievers for the year.
Being an Agatha Crusty murder mystery there is, of course, a genuine mystery with an ingenious plot to tax your grey matter; at the same time as a healthy dose of hilarious puns, accents and double entendres... whilst the characters indubitably complicate matters.

(The Bridgewater Players)

Update: 2019-01-17