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             Die offizielle Seite unseres directors Dan 


             The place to go in Buxtehude - not only for the "English Theatre"!

             The Hamburg Players e. V. is an English-language amateur theatre group, presenting three  

             plays a year at the "Theater an der Marschnerstraße" in Hamburg.


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A stylish whodunnit set in a 1937 London couture house - adapted from the novel by Christianna Brand.A big day for the staff at fashion house Christophe et Cie, as they eagerly await the decision of who will be appointed general manager of a new branch in France. Will it be the elegant Miss Doon or the longserving Miss Gregory? Perhaps senior saleswoman Irene or showroom manager Dorian will get the job. Events take a dramatic turn over lunch when one of them collapses and dies, poisoned it seems by a rival. Inspector Charlesworth has a murder enquiry on his hands. Behind the glamour and gossip of a 1930s fashion house, secrets and lies are rife and more than one person may have harboured resentment towards the victim.

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Jerome Bixby's The Man from Earth opens on 21st January

this winter semester we bring you an exciting play that has been performed on stages around the world since 2008. The Man from Earth by Richard Schenkman is based on the eponymous book and film by American Sci-Fi-Writer Jerome Bixby. Despite numerous Star Trek references this isn't your average Sci-Fi with androids and spaceships. 

The Man from Earth is about John, a history professor, who quits his job, packs up all his personal belongings and flees his own goodbye party. John’s friends and colleagues demand an explanation. It’s not what they had expected: John claims to be 14,000 years old, having been alive since the Stone Age and moving every ten years to hide the fact that he doesn’t age.  

What begins as an interesting discussion devolves into a heated debate over John’s sanity. And when an unannounced guest arrives everyone is caught in a struggle that might shatter more than just friendships.

Show dates:                      21st, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 30th January and 
                                         1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th February

7.30 pm
Audimax, Von-Melle Park 4
Tickets 12€, 6€ concession
Tickets are always available at the box office on show days in the Audimax but you can also purchase them at Unikontor, Allendeplatz 1

             Enjoy the One-Man-Shows of the former director of the English Theatre Buxtehude.

             Not in English but in German. Amateur Drama Group with excellent actors/actresses of all

             ages. Especially the "Weihnachtsmärchen" in December is a MUST!      


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